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The title of this site (vidvinkel, meaning "wide angle") became evident to me because it points out both the contents of the site and how I as a photographer relates to this form of expression. As a viewer you also should be able to recieve impressions from a wide range of themes. I hope my work will appeal to you.

-Frank Kræmer

  Northern lights forecast

Here is a sample of sources from the Internet that can give you the upper hand in foreseeing the phenomenom of northern lights. Maybe this is the night that can give some decent exposures?

1: POAA auroral activity (NOAA)
2: Alaska Geophysical Institute
3: Tromsø geophysical observatory UiT
5: netWeather Tromsø (flash)
October 23.: The web site is about to be available in English. I have noticed that a great deal of the guests visit from outside of Norway, according to the ISPs statistics. So it is about time to update and present the text in English. I hope to have some of the contents ready for presentation within a week from now. I would appreciate that you leave a few words in the guestbook.

Some photos from the gallery
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